Amelia and Chris

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Our Story

We "met" on OkCupid in August, 2015. Chris caught Amelia's attention with college football and then asked her to get a drink. We made plans to meet up later that week. On the big day, Chris was running late and Amelia was a little annoyed as she'd considered canceling the date earlier that day. He finally showed up and won her over by mentioning his family in Laguna Beach and pretending this included Lauren Conrad. The date went on for hours and we both left feeling excited. Chris knew he'd found someone special when Amelia gifted him a framed courtroom sketch of Tom Brady for his birthday the next week. He spent the next few months introducing Amelia to Boston and life in New England while she educated him in Big 10 football, Michigan summers, and Florida beaches. In the years that followed, we became travel companions, roommates, and expert wedding guests. For Amelia's 30th birthday last August, Chris surprised her with a trip to Nantucket and an engagement ring.

We are so excited to bring our family and friends together in Traverse City, where Amelia's parents have retired. It is one of our favorite vacation spots with it's beautiful scenery, great food, and numerous wineries and breweries. We hope you love it just as much!
Chris Griffith